Ferroelectric Properties of Nb-doped Bi_(3.15)Nd_(0.85)Ti_3Ov_(12) Ceramics

  title={Ferroelectric Properties of Nb-doped Bi_(3.15)Nd_(0.85)Ti_3Ov_(12) Ceramics},
  author={Huang Ping},
Nb-doped Bi3.15 Nd0.85Ti3-xNbxO12+ x /2 layer-structured ferroelectric ceramics are prepared by the solid-state reaction method.The microstructures of the samples are analyzed by X-ray diffraction and Raman spectra.The dielectric and ferroelectric properties of samples are investigated.It was found that all the polycrystalline ceramics have almost a single phase.The Raman phonon mode at 850cm-1 shifts higher with the increase of niobium content,which originates mainly from the vibrations of… CONTINUE READING