Ferrate(VI) oxidation of propranolol: kinetics and products.

  title={Ferrate(VI) oxidation of propranolol: kinetics and products.},
  author={George A. K. Anquandah and Virender K. Sharma and Venkata R Panditi and Piero R Gardinali and Hyunook Kim and Mehmet A Oturan},
  volume={91 1},
The oxidation of propranolol (PPL), a β-blocker by ferrate(VI) (Fe(VI)) was studied by performing kinetics, stoichiometry, and analysis of the reaction products. The rate law for the oxidation of PPL by Fe(VI) was first-order with respect to each reactant. The dependence of second-order rate constants of the reaction of Fe(VI) and PPL on pH was explained using acid-base equilibrium of Fe(VI) and PPL. The required molar stoichiometry for the complete removal of PPL was determined to be 6:1 ([Fe… CONTINUE READING
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