Fermion Scattering off CP-Violating Electroweak Bubble Wall

  title={Fermion Scattering off CP-Violating Electroweak Bubble Wall},
  author={K.Funakubo and A.Kakuto and S.Otsuki and K.Takenaga and F.Toyoda},
A general prescription to solve the Dirac equation in the presence of CP-violating electroweak bubble wall is presented. The profile of the bubble wall is not specified except that the wall height is $m_0$ and zero deep in the broken- and the symmetric-phase regions, respectively, where $m_0$ is a fermion mass given by the Higgs-vacuum-expectation value and the Yukawa coupling. The CP-violating effects are evaluated by regarding CP-violating part of the bubble wall as a perturbation to CP… Expand