Fermion Quasi-Spherical Harmonics

  title={Fermion Quasi-Spherical Harmonics},
  author={G.Hunter and P.Ecimovic and I.Schlifer and I.M.Walker and D.Beamish and S.Donev and M.Kowalski and S.Arslan and S.Heck},
Q uasi-Sphericalharm onics,Y m ‘ ( ; )arederived and presented for half-odd-integervaluesof‘and m .Theform ofthe factorisidentical tothatin thecaseofinteger‘and m :exp(im ).However,thedom ain ofthesefunctionsin thehalf-odd-integercaseis0 < 4 ratherthan thedom ain 0 < 2 in thecaseofinteger‘and m (thetruespherical harm onics).Theform ofthe factor,P jm j ‘ ( )(an associated Legendre function) is (as in the integer case) the factor (sin ) j m ultiplied by a polynom ialin cos ofdegree (‘ jm j) (an… 

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