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Fermion Casimir energy for a de Sitter brane in AdS(5)

  title={Fermion Casimir energy for a de Sitter brane in AdS(5)},
  author={Ian G. Moss and Wenceslao Santiago-Germ'an and Wade Naylor and Misao Sasaki},
  journal={arXiv: High Energy Physics - Theory},
Based on some recent work of the authors, we focus on the relationship between the Casimir energy of a Majorana spinor field for a Euclidean Einstein universe $S^4\times R$ and for a Euclidean de Sitter brane ($S^4$) embedded in AdS(5). This is for a conformally coupled massless field. Interestingly, the one brane effective potential is zero and the results are equivalent, as for the scalar case, when evaluated on the conformally related cylinder. However, using the actual metric this… 
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