Fermi-surface topology of the heavy-fermion system Ce2PtIn8

  title={Fermi-surface topology of the heavy-fermion system Ce2PtIn8},
  author={Johannes Klotz and K. Gotze and Elizabeth Lauren Green and Albin Demuer and Hiroaki Shishido and Takakazu Ishida and Hisatomo Harima and J. Wosnitza and I. Sheikin},
  journal={Physical Review B},
Ce$_{2}$PtIn$_{8}$ is a recently discovered heavy-fermion system structurally related to the well-studied superconductor CeCoIn$_{5}$. Here, we report on low-temperature de Haas-van Alphen-effect measurements in high magnetic fields in Ce$_{2}$PtIn$_{8}$ and Pr$_{2}$PtIn$_{8}$. In addition, we performed band-structure calculations for localized and itinerant Ce-$4f$ electrons in Ce$_{2}$PtIn$_{8}$. Comparison with the experimental data of Ce$_{2}$PtIn$_{8}$ and of the $4f$-localized Pr$_{2… 
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