Fermi surface dichotomy of the superconducting gap and pseudogap in underdoped pnictides.

  title={Fermi surface dichotomy of the superconducting gap and pseudogap in underdoped pnictides.},
  author={Yingju Xu and Pierre Richard and Kazuyuki Nakayama and Takuya Kawahara and Yoichi Sekiba and Tian Qian and Madhab Neupane and Seigo Souma and Takaaki Sato and Takashi Takahashi and Hong Qun Luo and Hai-Hu Wen and G. F. Chen and Nanlin Wang and Zhaosheng Wang and Zhong Fang and Xi Dai and Hong Q. Ding},
  journal={Nature communications},
High-temperature superconductivity in iron-arsenic materials (pnictides) near an antiferromagnetic phase raises the possibility of spin-fluctuation-mediated pairing. However, the interplay between antiferromagnetic fluctuations and superconductivity remains unclear in the underdoped regime, which is closer to the antiferromagnetic phase. Here we report that the superconducting gap of underdoped pnictides scales linearly with the transition temperature, and that a distinct pseudogap coexisting… CONTINUE READING

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