Fermi-lat Study of Gamma-ray Emission in the Direction of Supernova Remnant W49b

  title={Fermi-lat Study of Gamma-ray Emission in the Direction of Supernova Remnant W49b},
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  • M. A CKERMANN, M. A JELLO, +114 authors A. P. W AITE
  • Published 2010
We present an analysis of the gamma-ray data obtained with th e Large Area Telescope (LAT) onboard the Fermi Gamma-ray Space Telescope in the direction of SNR W49B (G43.3 −0.2). A bright unresolved gammaray source detected at a significance of 38 σ is found to coincide with SNR W49B. The energy spectrum in the 0.2–200 GeV range gradually steepens toward high energi es. The luminosity is estimated to be 1 .5× 1036 (D/8 kpc)2 erg s−1 in this energy range. There is no indication that the gamma-r… CONTINUE READING