Fermi Large Area Telescope and Multi-wavelength Observations of the Flaring Activity of Pks 1510-089 between 2008 September and 2009 June

  title={Fermi Large Area Telescope and Multi-wavelength Observations of the Flaring Activity of Pks 1510-089 between 2008 September and 2009 June},
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We report on the multi-wavelength observations of PKS 1510-089 (a flat spectrum radio quasar (FSRQ) at z = 0.361) during its high activity period between 2008 September and 2009 June. During this 11 month period, the source was characterized by a complex variability at optical, UV, and γ -ray bands, on timescales down to 6–12 hr. The brightest γ -ray isotropic luminosity, recorded on 2009 March 26, was 2 × 1048 erg s−1. The spectrum in the Fermi Large Area Telescope energy range shows a mild… CONTINUE READING