Fermentation of xylose to glycerol byRhizopus javanicus

  title={Fermentation of xylose to glycerol byRhizopus javanicus},
  author={Zhongjing Lu and Chien-Wen Yang and George T. Tsao},
  journal={Applied Biochemistry and Biotechnology},
Glycerol production from xylose fermentation usingRhizopus javanicus (ATCC 22581) has been investigated in shake flasks. The medium composition (xylose concentration, nitrogen sources), aeration rate, and temperature have been found to affect the accumulation and yield of glycerol. Some of these effects are explained in terms of the critical parameters, osmotic pressure, and dissolved oxygen levels in the medium. Relatively high glycerol yields and concentrations have been obtained at high… CONTINUE READING


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