Fermentation of cellulosic materials to mycoprotein foods.

  title={Fermentation of cellulosic materials to mycoprotein foods.},
  author={Murray Moo-Young and Yusuf Chisti and Dagmar Vlach},
  journal={Biotechnology advances},
  volume={11 3},
A new bioprocess is described in which a cellulolytic, food-grade fungus Neurospora sitophila converts cellulosic materials to protein-rich products for food and fodder. The optimal conditions for the conversion are identified: 35-37 degrees C temperature, pH 5.5, 2.35 ms(-1) agitator tip speed. Scale-up of the production process to 1,300 L is reported. The mycoprotein production data on several types of cellulosic materials (sugarcane bagasse, corn stover, wood cellulose) are presented. The… CONTINUE READING

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