Ferecides de Siros y Ferecides de Atenas. Una nueva aproximación

  title={Ferecides de Siros y Ferecides de Atenas. Una nueva aproximaci{\'o}n},
  author={Jordi P{\`a}mias},
Scarcity of direct quotations attributed both to Pherekydes of Syros and Pherekydes of Athens does not encourage distinguishing between them on stylistic and linguistic grounds. Rather, arguments based on literary and historico cultural evidence may contribute to the «Pherekydean Question». Catasterisms, as witnessed in the work of Pherekydes of Athens, are incompatible with the archaic production of a theologian and Wundermannlike Pherekydes of Syros. 

Les genealogies de Ferecides dAtenes : entre ra i mite

Un factor rellevant en el desenvolupament de la rao historiografica es la configuracio genealogica de les obres dels primers logografs. Amb les full genealogies que connecten l’spatium mythicum amb



Pherekydes of Syros

I. Life of Pherekydes II. pente-/heptamuchos in Pherekydes III. The marriage of Zas and Chthonie IV, The battle against Ophioneus V. Pherekydes on the soul. Retrospect Appendix 1. Chronos and Zas in

Die griechische Geschichtsschreibung

Wie die Romer sind wir uns bewust, den Begriff der Geschichte (historia) von den Griechen geerbt zu haben. Wie fur Cicero (leg. 1, 1, 5) ist auch fur uns Herodot der »Vater der Geschichte«.

Stars and Constellations in Homer and Hesiod

  • H. Lorimer
  • Physics, Art
    The Annual of the British School at Athens
  • 1951
Heavenly bodies figure in the works of both Homer and Hesiod, but their functions in the two poems mainly concerned are very different, as accords with the contrasting character of the Iliad and of