Fenticonazole: A New Antifungal Imidazole Derivative In Vitro and In Vivo Antimycotic Activity

  title={Fenticonazole: A New Antifungal Imidazole Derivative In Vitro and In Vivo Antimycotic Activity},
  author={Maria Veronese and Dagania Barzaghi and Andre Bertoncini and Umberto Cornelli},
Summary: The activity of α‐(2,4‐dichlorophenyl)‐β, N‐imidazolylethyl 4‐phenylthiobenzyl ether nitrate (Fenticonazole) compared with those of reference standard drugs, was tested in vitro, in solid medium, against numerous fungi. 
Efficacy of 6-amino-2-n-pentylthiobenzothiazole onTrichophyton in vitro and in vivo
In vitro and in vivo antifungal activities of synthetically parepared 6-animo-2-n-pentylthiobenzothiazole (APB) against Trichophyton strains were studied and dermatophytosis was considerably reduced after both APB and Canesten therapies.
Treatment of Dermatomycoses with Topical Fenticonazole and Econazole/Lokalbehandlung von Dermatomykosen mit Fenticonazol und Econazol
Patients suffering from dermatomycoses were randomly assigned either to a treatment of fenticonazole 2% cream or to econazole 1% cream in a double blind trial.
Fenticonazole for the treatment of Candida albicans infections
Literature data demonstrated that fenticonazole is effective in Candida albicans infections of the skin and female genitalia.
Effect of Fenticonazole in Vaginal Candidiasis: A Double-Blind Clinical Trial versus Clotrimazole
An equally high efficacy and safety for both drugs in the elimination of symptoms and objective evidence of vaginal candidiasis is indicated.
Miconazol und saprophytische Mikromyzeten: Miconazole and Saprophytic Micromycetes
Zusammenfassung: Dem Selektionsdruck von 10 μg Miconazol pro Milliliter Nährboden waren in vitro Mikromyzetenpopulationen aus Nährmittel‐ Boden‐ und Wasserproben ausgesetzt worden. Aus den
Effect of Fenticonazole Spray in Cutaneous Mycosis: A Double-Blind Clinical Trial versus Cyclopyroxolamine Spray
It is suggested that fenticonazole and cyclopyroxolamine are equally effective in eradicating cutaneous mycoses and that their efficacy and tolerance are comparable.
2. Tajana, A,, Sibilla, C., Cappelletti, R., Cova, A., Nardi, D. (1981): Physico-chemical, structural and analytical studies on fenticonazole a new drug with antimycotic properties. Arzneim.Forsch.
Systemic absorption of 3H-fenticonazole after vaginal administration of 1 gram in patients.
The vaginal administration of one ovule containing 1000 mg of fenticonazole nitrate seems to be devoid of risk for patients, and radioactivity was detected in plasma of subjects of Groups 1 and 3 while in 4 of the 5 subjects with cervical carcinoma fenticonsazole was detected during the 24 h after administration.
Clinical evaluation of fenticonazole cream in cutaneous fungal infections: a comparison with miconazole cream.
Overall clinical assessments demonstrated statistically significant improvement during the second, third and fourth weeks of treatment with both drugs, indicating that a 4-week course of twice daily topical 2% fenticonazole cream is extremely well tolerated and is at least as efficacious as an equivalent regimen of 2% miconazoles for the treatment of cutaneous dermatophytosis or pityriasis versicolor.


“In vitro” Antimycotic Activity of Fenticonazole (Rec 15/1476): Die antimykotische Wirkung von Fenticonazole (Rec 15/1476)
Summary: The “in vitro” activity of Fenticonazole (Rec 15/1476) against a large variety of wild and collection fungi, in comparison with some trade drugs, was studied. The fungistatic and fungicidal
Antimycotic susceptibility testing of dermatophytes in microcultures with a standardized fragmented mycelial inoculum
Standardization of a fragmented dermatophyte mycelial inoculum free of conidia for use in a broth microculture antimycotic susceptibility testing system is described, and it is concluded that the 0.600-absorbance density fragmented mycelia inoculum assured the rapid and uniform inoculation of the broth micro culture antimyCotic susceptibility system.
Barzaghi Address: Dr. Mario Veronese - Research and (1981): Arzneim.-Forsch
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