Feng-shui as Clue: Identifying Prehistoric Landscape Setting Patterns in the American Southwest

  title={Feng-shui as Clue: Identifying Prehistoric Landscape Setting Patterns in the American Southwest},
  author={Ping Xu},
  journal={Landscape Journal},
  pages={174 - 190}
  • P. Xu
  • Published 21 September 1997
  • Environmental Science
  • Landscape Journal
Feng-shui is a traditional Chinese practice used to harmonize people with their environment. This research project useddqeld investigations and compared the settings of prehistoric American ruins against feng-shui criteria to explore patterns in the landscape settings chosen by ancient Americans in the Southwest. Consistent patterns, made with respect to landscape features at various scales, can be described. Ancient American settings stress horizontal spatial relationships between settlements… 
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Feng-shui : a model for landscape analysis
  • P. Xu
  • Environmental Science
  • 1990