Femtosecond multidimensional imaging of a molecular dissociation.

  title={Femtosecond multidimensional imaging of a molecular dissociation.},
  author={O. Gessner and Anthony M D Lee and James P. Shaffer and Hanna Reisler and Sergey V. Levchenko and Anna I. Krylov and Jonathan Underwood and H Shi and Allan L. L. East and David M. Wardlaw and Engelene T H Chrysostom and Carl C. Hayden and Albert Stolow},
  volume={311 5758},
The coupled electronic and vibrational motions governing chemical processes are best viewed from the molecule's point of view-the molecular frame. Measurements made in the laboratory frame often conceal information because of the random orientations the molecule can take. We used a combination of time-resolved photoelectron spectroscopy, multidimensional coincidence imaging spectroscopy, and ab initio computation to trace a complete reactant-to-product pathway-the photodissociation of the… CONTINUE READING

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