Femtosecond X-ray-induced explosion of C60 at extreme intensity.

  title={Femtosecond X-ray-induced explosion of C60 at extreme intensity.},
  author={Brendan Murphy and Timur Y Osipov and Zolt{\'a}n Jurek and Li Fang and S-K Son and Melanie Mucke and John H. D. Eland and Vitali Zhaunerchyk and Raimund Feifel and Lorenzo Avaldi and Paola Bolognesi and Christoph Bostedt and John D Bozek and J Grilj and Markus Guehr and Leszek J. Frasinski and James Michael Glownia and Dang Trinh Ha and K. Hoffmann and Edwin Kukk and Brian K. McFarland and C Miron and Emily Sistrunk and Richard J Squibb and Kiyoshi Ueda and Robin Santra and Nora Berrah},
  journal={Nature communications},
Understanding molecular femtosecond dynamics under intense X-ray exposure is critical to progress in biomolecular imaging and matter under extreme conditions. Imaging viruses and proteins at an atomic spatial scale and on the time scale of atomic motion requires rigorous, quantitative understanding of dynamical effects of intense X-ray exposure. Here we present an experimental and theoretical study of C60 molecules interacting with intense X-ray pulses from a free-electron laser, revealing the… CONTINUE READING