Femtosecond Crystallography High-Resolution Protein Structure Determination by Serial

  title={Femtosecond Crystallography High-Resolution Protein Structure Determination by Serial},
  author={S{\'e}bastien Boutet and Lukas Lomb and G. Jackson Williams and Thomas Reinier Barends and Andrew Aquila and R. Bruce Doak and Uwe Weierstall and Daniel P. Deponte and Jan Steinbrener and Robert L. Shoeman and Marc Messerschmidt and Anton Barty and Thomas A. White and Stephan Kassemeyer and Richard A. Kirian and M. Marvin Seibert and Paul A. Montanez and Chris Kenney and Ryan Herbst and Philip David Hart and Jack Pines and Gunther Haller and Sol M Gruner and Hugh T. Philipp and Mark W. Tate and Marianne S. Hromalik and Lucas J. Koerner and Niels van Bakel and John M. D. Morse and Wilfred Ghonsalves and David Arnlund and Michael J. Bogan and Carl Caleman and Raimund Fromme and Christina Y. Hampton and Mark S Hunter and Linda Johansson and Gergely Katona and Christopher Kupitz and Mengning Liang and Andrew V. Martin and Karol Nass and Lars Redecke and Francesco Stellato and Nicuşor T{\^i}mneanu and Dingjie Wang and Nadia A. Zatsepin and Donald Schafer and James Defever and Richard Neutze and Petra Fromme and John C. H. Spence and Henry N. Chapman and Ilme Schlichting},
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