Femoropopliteal reconstructions--influence of risk factors on outcome.

  title={Femoropopliteal reconstructions--influence of risk factors on outcome.},
  author={Michael E. Luther and Mauri J. A. Lep{\"a}ntalo},
  journal={Annales chirurgiae et gynaecologiae},
  volume={85 3},
The influence of risk factors on the outcome of femoro-popliteal reconstructions was analysed in a retrospective study of 207 patients undergoing 218 reconstructions to the popliteal artery in a regional hospital and in an academic referral centre. Increasing severity of preoperative ischaemia was associated with decreasing leg salvage and survival rates. The patients' sex, age and diabetes did not influence patency or leg salvage. Diabetes was associated with a decreased survival. An… CONTINUE READING

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