Feminist responses to populist politics

  title={Feminist responses to populist politics},
  author={Sanja Milutinovi{\'c} Bojani{\'c} and M{\'o}nica Cano Abadia and Valentina Moro},
  journal={European Journal of English Studies},
  pages={113 - 132}
ABSTRACT Given our situatedness as political subjects of knowledge — as activists and scholars from Southern Europe — we have mapped out in this issue some feminist responses to populism. This issue discusses diverse transfeminist and feminist political groups and ideas, and talks about feminisms as a constellation of accounts of politics, practices, knowledges, and experiences. Although it is beyond the scope of this issue to discuss the idea of populism, the plurality of definitions and their… 
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Counter-populist performances of (in)security: Feminist resistance in the face of right-wing populism in Poland

  • B. Kurylo
  • Sociology, Political Science
    Review of International Studies
  • 2021
Abstract IR scholarship has recently seen a burgeoning interest in the right-wing populist politics of security, showing that it tends to align with the international ultraconservative mobilisation



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One of the very few Black women's studies books is entitled All the Women Are White; All the Blacks Are Men, But Some of Us are Brave.1 I have chosen this title as a point of departure in my efforts