Feminist and LGBTI+ Activism across Russia, Scandinavia and Turkey

  title={Feminist and LGBTI+ Activism across Russia, Scandinavia and Turkey},
  author={Selin Çağatay and Mia Liinason and Olga Sasunkevich},
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Dadkhah mothers of Iran, from Khavaran to Aban: digital dadkhahi and transnational coalitional mothering

This article offers a theoretical account of the figure of the ‘Dadkhah mother’, the ‘justice-seeking mother’, by highlighting her historical, political and feminist significance in contemporary Iran

Homonationalism across borders. Exploring cross-border exchange and strategic homonationalism in the construction of progressive nationalism

While scholars have shown the significance of transnational exchanges for shaping feminist and LGBTI+ connectivities across borders to challenge national exclusions and global divides, less attention

Exploring transnational LGBT+ solidarities across the Norwegian-Russian border: The case of Barents Pride

This paper explores the case of Barents Pride, an event organized collaboratively by Russian and Norwegian LGBT+ activists located close to the Norwegian–Russian border. The idea of the Pride is to