Feminist Perspectives on Family Law

  title={Feminist Perspectives on Family Law},
  author={A. Diduck and K. O'donovan},
1. Introduction: Feminism and Families Plus Ca Change? 2. Family Friendly?: Rights, Responsibilities and Relationship Recognition 3. Shared Households: A New Paradigm for Thinking about the Reform of Domestic Property Relations 4. What is a Parent? 5. Parents in Law: Subjective Impacts and Status Implications Around the Use of Licensed Donor Insemination 6. After Birth: Decisions about Becoming a Mother 7. The Ethic of Justice Strikes Back: Changing Narratives of Fatherhood 8. Domestic Violence… Expand
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A new parenthood paradigm for twenty-first century family law in England and Wales?
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Giving birth but refusing motherhood: inauthentic choice or self-determining identity?
  • J. Marshall
  • Sociology
  • International Journal of Law in Context
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Autonomy for Mothers? Relational Theory and Parenting Apart
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Challenging homophobic bullying in schools: the politics of progress
  • D. Monk
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Conditions for Freedom?: European Human Rights Law and the Islamic Headscarf Debate
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This article takes up Smart’s suggestion to examine the way the law works in practice. It explores the context of current criminal prosecutions of domestic violence offences in Queensland, Australia.Expand
Women’s Right to Autonomy and Identity in European Human Rights Law: Manifesting One’s Religion
Freedom of religious expression is to many a fundamental element of their identity. Yet the jurisprudence of the European Court of Human Rights on the Islamic headscarf issue does not refer toExpand