Feminism, Marxism, Method, and the State: Toward Feminist Jurisprudence

  title={Feminism, Marxism, Method, and the State: Toward Feminist Jurisprudence},
  author={Catharine A. Mackinnon},
  journal={Signs: Journal of Women in Culture and Society},
  pages={635 - 658}
  • C. Mackinnon
  • Published 1 July 1983
  • Sociology
  • Signs: Journal of Women in Culture and Society
Feminism has no theory of the state. It has a theory of power: sexuality is gendered as gender is sexualized. Male and female are created through the erotization of dominance and submission. The man/woman difference and the dominance/submission dynamic define each other. This is the social meaning of sex and the distinctively feminist account of gender inequality.1 Sexual objectification, the central process within this 

The Illusions of Post-feminism, Ghosts of Gender and the Discourses of Law

This article seeks to consider evidence of post-feminist and "post-equality" gender narratives contained in the discourses of law in the UK and European contexts. Analysis of perennial ghosts of

Intersectional-Gender and the Locationality of Women “in Transit”

The chapter analyzes the privileges and power within feminist scholarship as a crucial issue for gender and migration studies. The starting point is that when feminism defines itself from the Western

Epistemological Debates, Feminist \foices

Feminist criticisms of the neglect, distortion, and exclusion of women in psychological research reflect three epistemological positions: feminist empiricism, feminist standpoint epistemologies, and

Feminist Poststructuralism and Discourse Analysis: Contributions to Feminist Psychology

In this article I suggest that feminist poststructuralism (Weedon, 1987) is of great potential value to feminist psychologists seeking more satisfactory ways of theorizing gender and subjectivity.

Unity and Diversity in Feminist Legal Theory

Feminist legal theory has undergone some significant changes over the past thirty years. This article provides an introductory overview of feminist legal theory, from liberal and radical feminism

Toward a Value-Laden Theory: Feminism and Social Science

Marjorie Shostak's ethnography, Nisa: The Life and Words of a !Kung Woman, is analyzed as a case study of feminist social science. Three principles of feminist research are suggested as standards for

Different Ways of Conceptualizing Sex/Gender in Feminist Theory and their Implications for Criminology

In the 1980s there were major challenges to feminist theory by women of color and by postmodern/poststructuralist theorists. Three modes of feminist enquiry responded to these challenges:

Feminism, voluntarism and the welfare state: Toward a feminist sociological theory of social welfare

In current debates about social welfare, the terms public and private are often equated with state vs. nonstate realms. This paper argues that a feminist sociological analysis would reconstitute

The Logic of the Development of Feminism; or, Is MacKinnon to Feminism as Parmenides Is to Greek Philosophy?

Catharine MacKinnon's investigation of the role of sexuality in the subordination of women is a logical culmination of radical feminist thought. If this is correct, the position of her work relative

Saving Objectivity for Feminism: MacKinnon, Marx, and Other Possibilities

  • J. Ring
  • Philosophy
    The Review of Politics
  • 1987
The article argues that feminist theory needs a concept of objectivity as part of its working epistemology. “Objectivity” is not, as has been argued by some contemporary feminists, inevitably a



Eros, Civilization and the Burger Court

I want to offer an interpretation of one aspect of the Burger Court's decisions concerning sex, marriage and the family. This area of constitutional law is almost entirely the creation of the Burger

Sex differences in feelings attributed to a woman in situations involving coercion and sexual advances.

There was strong agreement between men and women on the relative intensity of feelings attributed to a woman across the sex/coercion vignettes for the three dimensions of Helplessness, Aversiveness, and Threat, but there were also replicated significant systematic differences with men overestimating the psychological impact of less intense incidents and underestimating the Psychological impact on women of more intense incidents.

Michigan's gender-neutral sexual assault statute includes penetration by objects (sec. 520a[h]; 520[b]). See Model Penal Code, annotation to sec. 213.1(d) (Official

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Pappajohn v. The Queen, 11 D.L.R

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( " Violence against Women : Does the I . egal System Provide Solutions or Itself Constitute the Problem ? The Right to Privacy

  • Albion ' s Fatal Tree : Crime and Society in Eighteenth Century England
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Not only apologists for the liberal state, but also some of its most trenchant critics, see a real distinction between the rule of law and absolute arbit-rary force

  • for instance, is a version of my objective standpoint
  • 1971

Harvard Civil Right-Civil Liberties La

  • Review
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Tur, in the context of the Morgan and Pappajohn cases, says the "law ought not to be astute to equate wickedness and wsishful, albeit mistaken, thinking

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