Femicide: A social challenge

  title={Femicide: A social challenge},
  author={Chaime Marcuello-Serv{\'o}s and Consuelo Corradi and Shalva Weil and Santiago Boira},
  journal={Current Sociology},
  pages={967 - 974}
ResumeLe femicide est plus qu’un neologisme. Il designe un phenomene violent et un meurtre intentionnel. Tous les femicides sont l’expression d’une forme extreme de violence. Il s’agit d’une « path... 
Problem Representations of Femicide/Feminicide Legislation in Latin America
Femicide/feminicide has become an increasing social concern for local communities, international organizations, and national governments. In 2007, Latin American countries began enacting legislation
Femicide: A Glance through Qualitative Lenses
7 ©2017 QSR Volume XIII Issue 3 6 The study of femicide, as opposed to the study of domestic violence, had not been “visible” until recently (Weil 2016b). In some countries, it still remains
Aproximaciones a un nuevo perfil feminicida: una mirada a los cambios y las transiciones
From a comprehensive and contextualized perspective, an initial approach to confinement as a result of the pandemic and its implications in terms of violence against women is carried out. This is
‘The Perfect Murder’: An Exploratory Study of Staged Murder Scenes and Concealed Femicide
Presenting cases of criminologically unidentifiable circumstances, authors point to concealment susceptibility of some femicide cases, overlooked by both the criminal system and by scholars,
Failed Femicides Among Migrant Survivors
  • S. Weil
  • Sociology
    Qualitative Sociology Review
  • 2016
Femicide—the killing of a female because of her gender—is becoming an increased object of sociological enquiry, rectifying years of invisibility. The article presents results from ethnographic
Exploring Homicide Diversity: Femicide Across Sociocultural Groups
This study followed the current scholarly interest in seeking possible links between social and cultural factors and homicide by offering comparative nation-based observations on femicide. To this
Femicide of girls in contemporary India
While the study of femicide has progressed recently, research into the femicide of girls is still new. The femicide of girls is the murder of girls because they are girls, and because they would have
The Different Dynamics of Femicide in a Small Nordic Welfare Society
In this study, all cases of femicide in Iceland over a thirty-year period were explored. A total of sixteen women and girls were killed during the years 1986-2015. Femicide was defined in this study
Analysis of the Concept of Femicide
Femicide is intrinsically part of gender-based violence, and the two are inevitably linked at all levels. Yet, despite having a common origin, there is a need to analyze femicide as a problem that
The Murders of Indigenous Women in Canada as Feminicides: Toward a Decolonial Intersectional Reconceptualization of Femicide
In this article, I focus on the murders of over six hundred Indigenous women in Canada to argue that the radical feminist concept of femicide is limited in its capacity to help us analyze the killing


Femicide: The Politics of Woman Killing
Femicide is as old as patriarchy the patriarchal home - the most lethal place for women femicide and racism the mass media, pornography and gorenography femicide and the travesties of justice women
Resonance and Radicalism: Feminist Framing in the Abortion Debates of the United States and Germany1
Cultural resonance and movement success are not the same, and not all movement speakers seek success in terms resonant with institutionalized discourses—some instead choose to be radical.
Violence and Society
In this compelling and timely book, Larry Ray offers a wide-ranging and integrated account of the many manifestations of violence in society. He examines violent behaviour and its meanings in
Femicide in global perspective
L’articolo presenta una rassegna globale degli omicidi in cui le vittime sono donne, rivelando che nei paesi in cui i livelli di violenza sono piu bassi la proporzione di donne uccise e molto alta.
Inviolability and Privacy: The Castle, the Sanctuary, and the Body
This article explores the idea and imagery of inviolability. I use a trilogy of terms-the castle, the sanctuary, and the body-to illuminate different loci of inviolability and to show how notions of
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Farook Al-Shamali, B.Sc.(Hons), M.Sc., Ph.D. (farooka@athabascau.ca), is Academic Coordinator of physics and astronomy courses at Athabasca University. He has teaching experience in both the
Femicide: A Global Issue that Demands Action
  • Vienna: Academic Council on the United Nations System (ACUNS)
  • 2013
Beyond resonance and radicalism: Feminist framing of the abortion debates in the United States and Germany
  • American Journal of Sociology
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Femicide Guest Editors' Introduction