Female competition and reproductive success in northern elephant seals

  title={Female competition and reproductive success in northern elephant seals},
  author={Joanne Reiter and Kathy J. Panken and B. L. Boeuf},
  journal={Animal Behaviour},
  • Joanne Reiter, Kathy J. Panken, B. L. Boeuf
  • Published 1981
  • Biology
  • Animal Behaviour
  • Abstract The probability of weaning a healthy pup increases with age in female northern elephant seals, Mirounga angustirostris. On Ano Nuevo Island, California, weaning success among ‘prime’ females, those 6 years of age or older, was more than double that of ‘young’ females, those 3 to 5 years old. Prime females were better mothers than young females because of superior size, higher social dominance, and greater maternal experience; they were more likely to mate with high-ranking males and… CONTINUE READING
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