Female Survivors of African Wars Dealing with the Past and Present

  title={Female Survivors of African Wars Dealing with the Past and Present},
  author={Nimo Bokore},
  journal={Journal of Sociological Research},
  • Nimo Bokore
  • Published 28 September 2009
  • Psychology
  • Journal of Sociological Research
Over-stressed and over-burdened, Somali women in Canada provide for family members while heading their households in new and sometimes unfamiliar cultural and social landscapes. Affected by previous ordeals and the strains of relocation (Danso, 2002), time and again past traumas and settlement experiences intersect, producing new barriers that these women struggle to overcome (Baines, 2007, p. 108; Galabuzi, 2002). As a result, many display classic signs of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD… 

Suffering in silence: a Canadian-Somali case study

The Horn of Africa, and specifically Somalia, is now being recognized as one of the worst places for women to live (Abdi, C. M. (2005). In limbo: Dependency, insecurity and identity amongst Somali

Documenting Refugee Stories: Resettlement and Integration Challenges of East African Refugees

Recently we have witnessed forced displacement and migration on a globalized scale and the human suffering that this creates. Since early 2014, events have escalated in Syria and other Middle Eastern


Violence against women and girls continues to be a global epidemic that kills, tortures, and injures physically, psychologically, sexually, and economically. It is one of the most pervasive of human

Becoming Resilient: Promoting the Mental Health and Well-Being of Immigrant Women in a Canadian Context

Findings illustrate how relationships among settlement factors and dynamics of empowerment had implications for “becoming resilient” as immigrant women and how various health promotion approaches enhanced their well-being.

Activism as a feature of mental health and wellbeing for racialized immigrant women in a Canadian context

Grounded theory findings from community-based focus group research with 57 racialized immigrant women in Toronto, Canada that used a critical gender and intersectional lens to explore the links among settlement, wellbeing, and activism are described.

The Role of Women's Employment on Family Management

This study was conducted in female employment and its impact on family management. Regarding the employment status of women can be improved by taking advantage of the potential provided. Methods: The

Somali-Canadian Women: Historical Past of Survival and Facing Everyday Challenges of Resettlement?

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Work-Family-Stress and Depression among Public Senior Secondary School Teachers

Pressures from family, work and other environmental factors frequently lead to stress and depression among individuals. This study was designed to assess the effects of work-family-stress among



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Some of the Effects of Terrorism on Refugees

Summary Highly traumatized people are vulnerable to exacerbation of symptoms when confronted with stressful situations. The extensive TV coverage of the 9/11 attacks provided such a stressful

Understanding marginalization as a social determinant of health

Population-based studies have drawn attention to the associations between social and material disadvantage and poor mental and physical health over the life course, thereby contributing to

From ‘There’ to ‘Here’: An investigation of the initial settlement experiences of Ethiopian and Somali refugees in Toronto

Very little research exists on the resettlement of refugees in Canada. This is particularly so in the case of refugees from African countries, albeit there are significant numbers of them in Canada.

A Critical Examination of Immigrant Acculturation: Toward an Anti-Oppressive Social Work Model with Immigrant Adults in a Pluralistic Society

Summary Today, in North America, the idea of complete assimilation of immigrants no longer seemsrelevant. Under the commonly espoused ideologies of multiculturalism and pluralism, thegoal of social

Mental disorders among Somali refugees: developing culturally appropriate measures and assessing socio-cultural risk factors.

Public health interventions for Somalis should focus on CMD as well as PTSD, khat use and mental health screening for suicide risk and mental disorders on arrival.

Stressful neighborhoods and depression: a prospective study of the impact of neighborhood disorder.

Perceptions of neighborhood characteristics and measures of social support and social integration entered as interactions with neighborhood perceptions did not buffer the effect of neighborhood perceptions, and the need for structural intervention was suggested.

A mix-method approach to the cultural understanding of distress and the non-use of mental health services

The results show how the various quantitative and qualitative stages of the project were implemented in a Sequential Transformative Design that allows for a better identification and understanding of community mental health problems.

Doing Anti-Oppressive Practice: Building Transformative Politicized Social Work

into mainstream society. I would have liked to see some discussion on the impact of technology on young people, but also how this can benefit social workers in working with young people. Technology