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Female Reproductive System of Megathripine Species, Bactridothrips brevitubus (Thysanoptera : Insecta)

  title={Female Reproductive System of Megathripine Species, Bactridothrips brevitubus (Thysanoptera : Insecta)},
  author={Kazuo Haga},

Reproductive mode and split sex ratios in the facultatively ovoviviparous thrips, Bactrothrips brevitubus

The life history, reproductive mode and sex allocation of Bactrothrips brevitubus, a haplodiploid, facultatively ovoviviparous Japanese thrips, are studied and it is predicted that females should reproduce oviparously when constrained by local mate competition, ovov Viviparity when constraint by mite predation, with or without local resource competition.

History of the Germ Line in Male and Female Thrips

The history of the germ cells (GCs) in Thysanoptera is reviewed from their origin at the posterior end of the egg and includes their proliferation and differentiation in embryos, larvae, pupae and

Reproductive strategies and behavioural attributes in some sporophagous Idolothripinae (Tubulifera: Thysanoptera)

An analysis of the behavioural aspects of some sporophagous Idolothripinae in terms of the diversity of reproduction is presented, involving aspects such as oviparity, grades of ovoviviparity and