Female Perpetrators of Intimate Abuse

  title={Female Perpetrators of Intimate Abuse},
  author={Donald G. Dutton and Tonia L. Nicholls and Alicia Spidel},
  journal={Journal of Offender Rehabilitation},
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Abstract A review is made of female intimate abuse. It is concluded that females are as abusive as males in intimate relationships according to survey and epidemiological studies. This is especially so for younger “cohort” community samples followed longitudinally. Predictors of intimate violence with women appear to be similar to those of men; including antisocial criminal records, alcohol abuse, and personality disorders. 

Female Perpetrators of Intimate Partner Violence: Within-Group Heterogeneity, Related Psychopathology, and a Review of Current Treatment with Recommendations for the Future

Female perpetrators of intimate partner violence (IPV) are now beginning to receive some scholarly attention both in Canada and the United States, particularly with zero tolerance policies and the

Intimate Partner Abuse of Older Men: Considerations for the Assessment of Risk

Concerns for the assessment of risk for intimate partner abuse perpetrated against older men, with reference to the prevalent gendered view of abuse between intimate partners are presented.

From Victim to Offender: The Effects of Male Initiated Violence on Women Arrested for Using Intimate Partner Violence

A number of theorists posit that most women who are arrested for using violence against their intimate partners are in-fact victims of IPV themselves and should be treated as such. However, in this

Risk Assessment of Recidivism of Violent and Sexual Female Offenders

Although female offenders are small in numbers compared to their male counterparts, over the last few years greater international attention has been given to gender-specific aspects of female

Personality Disorders, Types of Violence, and Stress Responses in Female Who Perpetrate Intimate Partner Violence

Few studies have examined characteristics and correlates of females who display assaultive behaviours towards their intimate partners. Personality disorders, anger responses, type of violence

Intimate partner emotional abuse and post traumatic stress disorder among males

Objectives The emotional abuse of men by their partners has been acknowledged as an important form of partner abuse in domestic violence research. There is dearth of psychological research on alleged

Men as victims of intimate partner violence.

Domestic Violence and South Korean Women: The Cultural Context and Alternative Experiences

The present research answering the question of how severity of intimate partner abuse varies for women incarcerated for the homicides of their male partners and abused women who sought domestic violence shelter, short of killing their intimate assailants.

Batterer Program Directors' Views on Substance Abuse and Domestic Violence

This article reports on a national survey of batterer intervention program (BIP) directors (N = 150). The beliefs of these directors on the relationship of substance abuse and domestic violence is



Abuse Committed by Women Against Male Intimates

SUMMARY A review of the rapidly expanding empirical research exploring the incidence, prevalence and characteristics of domestic violence committed by women against male intimates supports several

A Comparison of Men and Women Arrested for Domestic Violence: Who Presents the Greater Threat?

Recent increases in the number of women arrested for domestic violence raise important questions about implementation of proarrest policies, equivalency of intimate partner aggression across genders,

Gender Differences in Courtship Violence Victimization.

Using data from a seven college sample of students, gender differences in three dimensions of courtship violence victimization (acts, meanings, and events) are explored. Females were principle

Female Offenders in Domestic Violence: A Look at Actions in Their Context

SUMMARY It is well accepted that large numbers of men batter women. Although some data also reveal that women report assaulting men in large numbers, interpretation of the latter data has been

Romance and Violence in Dating Relationships

Recent data verifying a substantial amount of violence in dating relationships have presented a new challenge to the romantic love model. This study, which investigates abuse between high school

Violence in dating relationships.

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Treatment Needs of Women Arrested for Domestic Violence

Women were more likely than men to have previously attempted suicide, whereas more men had conduct problems in childhood and substance abuse in adulthood, and women reported more symptoms of personality dysfunction and mood disorder.

Gender differences in partner violence in a birth cohort of 21-year-olds: bridging the gap between clinical and epidemiological approaches.

Severe physical violence was more strongly associated with unemployment, low educational attainment, few social support resources, polydrug use, antisocial personality disorder symptoms, depression symptoms, and violence toward strangers for men than for women.

The Abusive Personality: Violence and Control in Intimate Relationships

Introduction. Early Explanations. Learning of Abusiveness. The Psychology of the Cycle of Violence. The Structure of the Abusive Personality. Object Relations and the Origins of Rage. An Anger Born

The Domestic Assault of Women: Psychological and Criminal Justice Perspectives

Preface Acknowledgments 1. History and Incidence of Wife Assault 2. Explanations for Wife Assault: Psychiatry, Sociobiology, and Sociology 3. The Social Psychology of the Wife Assaulter: The Theory