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Feline panleukopenia – update on prevention and treatment

  title={Feline panleukopenia – update on prevention and treatment},
  author={Katrin Hartmann},
Introduction Feline panleukopenia is caused by feline parvovirus (FPV), which is a highly contagious virus affecting all members of Felidae. Severity of clinical signs depends on age, immune status, and concurrent infections. Clinical disease ranges from subclinical infection to a peracute syndrome with sudden death. Typical initial signs include fever, depression, and anorexia. Affected cats can initially present for vomiting and, with lower frequency, develop watery to hemorrhagic diarrhea… 
Design of primers in the molecular detection of Feline Panleukopenia Virus
The results showed that the In Silico design was successful strategy based on the VP2 gene sequences of FPV in conjunction with the sharp visualization of positive controls of the expected size and without amplification, and the future option of applying the same protocol in a diagnostic way is opened.