Feline infectious peritonitis presenting as a tumour in the abdominal cavity.


This paper describes six cases of feline infectious peritonitis (FIP) in which an abdominal tumour had been suspected clinically. Pathological changes were mainly restricted to the massive enlargement of a mesenteric lymph node due to necrogranulomatous lymphadenitis. FIP was diagnosed on the basis of the immunohistological demonstration of coronavirus antigen in intact macrophages within the necrogranulomatous lesions. In the affected lymph node lymphoid tissue was either almost completely effaced or restricted to follicles composed mainly of variable numbers of blasts. From one to many plasma cells positive for coronavirus-specific antibodies were present in the marginal sinuses or capsules. In addition, necrogranulomas were present in the gut-associated lymphoid tissue of the caecum of one cat, and adjacent to the affected lymph node of another.


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