Feline distal aortic thromboembolism: a review of 44 cases (1990-1998).

  title={Feline distal aortic thromboembolism: a review of 44 cases (1990-1998).},
  author={Johan Petrus Schoeman},
  journal={Journal of feline medicine and surgery},
  volume={1 4},
The clinical case records of 44 cats with distal aortic thromboembolism were reviewed. These detailed 49 separate episodes of thromboembolism. Of the 44 cats, 33 (75%) were neutered males, and 43 (98%) were domestic shorthairs. The mean age was 8.7 years (age range 2-16 years). Evidence of pre-existing heart disease had been noted in 23% of cases. Heart failure was a concurrent diagnosis in 51% of episodes and 36% of these cases survived their thromboembolic episodes. Overall, cats survived 39… CONTINUE READING

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