Feline Hodgkin's-like lymphoma: 20 cases (1992-1999).

  title={Feline Hodgkin's-like lymphoma: 20 cases (1992-1999).},
  author={Raquel M. Walton and Mattie J Hendrick},
  journal={Veterinary pathology},
  volume={38 5},
We identified 20 cases of feline lymphadenopathy that conform to many clinical and histologic manifestations of human Hodgkin's disease. Histologic subtypes encountered included lymphocyte predominance (nine cases), mixed cellularity (nine cases), and nodular sclerosis (two cases). Two cases were not easily classified; fibrous bands were present, but the absence of nodules supported a subclassification of mixed cellularity Hodgkin's disease. Immunohistochemical staining of the tissues using… CONTINUE READING
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