Feinstrukturelle Untersuchungen zur Oogenese der KäferschneckeLepidochitona cinereus (Mollusca, Polyplacophora)

  title={Feinstrukturelle Untersuchungen zur Oogenese der K{\"a}ferschneckeLepidochitona cinereus (Mollusca, Polyplacophora)},
  author={H. -P. Richter},
  journal={Helgol{\"a}nder wissenschaftliche Meeresuntersuchungen},
Oocyte development ofLepidochitona cinereus L. has been examined by electron microscope with special regard to ultrastructural changes during vitellogenesis. Oogenesis can be subdivided into five stages based on cytological and histochemical features. Typical oogonia have not been found; only early oocytes of the meiotic prophase with an incomplete nucleolus are situated on the basallamina of the gonadal wall. The single nucleolus is formed in stage I; osmiophilic nucleolar granules pass… CONTINUE READING