Feeling unreal: a depersonalization disorder update of 117 cases.

  title={Feeling unreal: a depersonalization disorder update of 117 cases.},
  author={Daphne Simeon and Margaret E Knutelska and Dorothy Nelson and Orna Guralnik},
  journal={The Journal of clinical psychiatry},
  volume={64 9},
BACKGROUND Despite a surge of interest and literature on depersonalization disorder in recent years, a large series of individuals with the disorder has not been described to date. In this report, we systematically elucidate the phenomenology, precipitants, antecedents, comorbidity, and treatment history in such a series. METHOD 117 adult subjects with depersonalization disorder (DSM-III-R/DSM-IV criteria) consecutively recruited to a number of depersonalization disorder research studies were… CONTINUE READING


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