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Feedstocks for Anaerobic Digestion

  title={Feedstocks for Anaerobic Digestion},

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Economic assessment of producing and selling biomethane into a regional market

Biogas is a promising renewable energy resource produced by using anaerobic digestion of organic substrates and it is mainly used to generate electricity by means of biogas engines. Other potential


As modern energy is seen as a key element to reduce poverty and enable human development, various international programmes currently focus on the distribution and implementation of appropriate ways

Sustainable development of biogas resources in East Africa using transdisciplinary design models

Limiac, Christopher M. M.S.E., Purdue University, August 2014. Sustainable Development of Biogas Resources in East Africa Using Transdisciplinary Design Models. Major Professor: John Lumkes.

Nutrient characterisation and bioenergy potential of common Nigerian food wastes

  • Gurumwal George LongjanZ. Dehouche
  • Biology, Medicine
    Waste management & research : the journal of the International Solid Wastes and Public Cleansing Association, ISWA
  • 2018
The proximate analysis results of the wastes were within the range of common AD feedstocks such as energy crops and plant by-products, and further studies would be required to determine the actual biogas yields of the food wastes.

Systematic assessment of feedstock for an expanded biogas production : A multi-criteria approach

Biogas solutions can contribute to more renewable and local energy systems, and also involve other essential aspects such as nutrient recycling. From a theoretical feedstock perspective there is a ...

Improving the Environmental and Economic Sustainability of Dairy Farming using Value-Added Products derived from the Anaerobic Digestion of Manure

The aim of this study was to examine how manure-derived value-added products via anaerobic digestion impact the environment and economics of dairy farming. An on-farm anaerobic digester (AD) at



An Interdisciplinary Study on Farm Based Biogas Production in Southern Brazil

Today the use of anaerobic digestion technique emerges as an alternative to the conventional treatment method of pig slurry to the pig producers in Brazil because of the energy demanding intensive



Biogas — Methangärung organischer Abfallstoffe

Manure management: treatment strategies for sustainable agriculture

Ce livre represente le produit d'une collaboration financee par la Commission europeenne. Les contributions representent 28 organismes impliques dans les divers aspects du traitement des effluents

Safeguards against pathogens in danish biogas plants

A veterinary research project is organized in Danish biogas plants (BGP) to study the ‘pathogen reducing effect’ (PRE) of the treatment in digestion tanks and sanitation tanks, and the ‘pathogen

Another look at thermophilic anaerobic digestion of wastewater sludge

New federal regulations on wastewater sludge management will be implemented in the near future and will have an impact on virtually every biosolids disposal method, including application to

Anaerobic digestion of organic matter

Thermophilic methane production from cattle waste

It is indicated that loading rates can be much higher than those previously thought useful for maximizing methanogenesis from cattle waste, and methane production from waste of cattle fed a finishing diet was investigated, using four 3-liter-working volume anaerobic digestors.

Untersuchung der Faulfähigkeit diverser biogener Abfälle und Nebenprodukte für die Oberösterreichische Tierkörperverwertungs-ges.m.b.H

  • Interner Endbericht der Laborversuche
  • 1996