Feeding the Mountains: Sacred Landscapes, Mountain Worship, and Sacrifice in the Maya and Inca Worlds

  title={Feeding the Mountains: Sacred Landscapes, Mountain Worship, and Sacrifice in the Maya and Inca Worlds},
  author={Jason L. Toohey},
  journal={Reviews in Anthropology},
  pages={161 - 178}
Three texts reviewed here address the linkages between religion and mountainous landscapes in the Maya and Inca realms. Bassie-Sweet provides a thorough analysis of the Maya mythologies of creation and situates its players and concepts within the real world. Besom thoughtfully tackles the place of mountains and child sacrifice within the Andes with a focus on the late prehispanic Inca. Reinhard and Constanza offer a detailed and richly illustrated case study of state-sponsored child sacrifice… 
Probabilities of designed locations of ceremonial foci: the Chaco Meridian, temple IV at Tikal, and a large-scale sacred Adena river landscape
ABSTRACT Considering that prehistoric cultures may have had the socio-religious need and technical ability to create accurate geometric patterns across a large landscape, limited ethnographic and
The Agricultural Deities of Q ’Eqchi’ Mayas, Tzuultaq’as: Agricultural Rituals as Historical Obligation and Avatar of the Cultural Reservoir in Rural Lanquín , Alta Verapaz, Guatemala
  • YiShan Lea
  • History
    Journal of Ethnology and Folkloristics
  • 2018
Abstract This study, based on fieldwork in rural Lanquín, Guatemala, discusses cultural continuity and the sense of historicity through agricultural rituals and worship of the agricultural deity


Inca Rituals and Sacred Mountains: A Study of the World's Highest Archaeological Sites
The Incas carried out some of the most dramatic ceremonies known to us from ancient times. Groups of people walked hundreds of miles across arid and mountainous terrain to perform them on mountains
The Sacred Landscape of the Inca: The Cusco Ceque System
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A Forest of Kings: The Untold Story of the Ancient Maya
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Sighting the apu: a GIS analysis of Wari imperialism and the worship of mountain peaks
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Landscape and World View: The Survival of Yucatec Maya Culture Under Spanish Conquest
The religions of contemporary Middle American Indian communities fall neatly enough under the descriptive category we call ‘syncretic’. Myths and rituals, integrated experiences for the participant
Pyramid and Sacred Mountain
During the past three decades, archaeological investigations have disclosed a complex network of connections linking ecology and agriculture to cultural evolution in ancient Mexico, showing that increasingly efficient methods of raising crops and exploiting natural resources led to greater populations.
A Unique Maya Shrine Site on the Mountain Pine Ridge of British Honduras
A small ruin of presumed ancient Maya origin is described. This ruin is the only certain prehistoric structure discovered on the Mountain Pine Ridge of British Honduras, and it is associated with a
The Ancient Maya Drought Cult: Late Classic Cave Use in Belize
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Landscape and Environment: Insights from the Prehispanic Central Andes
Attention to human–environment relationships in the central Andes has a long history. Although the area is not a neat microcosm of the globe, wholly representative of worldwide trends in the