Feeding strategies and diet composition of four Antarctic cnidarian species

  title={Feeding strategies and diet composition of four Antarctic cnidarian species},
  author={Covadonga Orejas and Josep Maria Gili and Pablo J. L{\'o}pez-Gonz{\'a}lez and Wolf E. Arntz},
  journal={Polar Biology},
The diet of four species of Antarctic cnidarians, two hydroids and two anthozoans, was investigated. One hydroid, Tubularia ralphii, and one anthozoan, Anthomastus bathyproctus, seem to basically consume zooplankton whereas the other hydroid species, Oswaldella antarctica, has a diet mainly based on the fine fraction of seston. The last cnidarian investigated, the stoloniferan alcyonacean, Clavularia cf. frankliniana, feeds mainly on resuspended material. The wide range of diets of these… CONTINUE READING

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