Feeding polyunsaturated vegetable oils to lactating cows.

  title={Feeding polyunsaturated vegetable oils to lactating cows.},
  author={H. Keith Goering and T. Randall Wrenn and Locke F. Edmondson and Joan R. Weyant and Douglas L. Wood and Joel Bitman},
  journal={Journal of dairy science},
  volume={60 5},
Holstein cows fed concentrate:hay diets also were fed for 14 days supplements of soybean oil plus casein, soybean oil protected from ruminal hydrogenation by encapsulation in a casein-formaldehyde matrix, cottonseed oil plus casein, or cottonseed oil protected with casein formaldehyde. The supplements were fed at rates to give a linoleic acid (18:2) intake of 225 g/day. Yields of milk and milk protein were not affected by treatment. Milk 18:2 was not increased by the unprotected soybean oil or… CONTINUE READING

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