Feeding patterns in bulimia nervosa.

  title={Feeding patterns in bulimia nervosa.},
  author={Theodore E Weltzin and L. K. George Hsu and Christine Pollice and Walter H. Kaye},
  journal={Biological psychiatry},
  volume={30 11},
We characterized the naturalistic feeding patterns of 54 women with bulimia nervosa and 11 matched controls over a continuous 24-hr period in a feeding laboratory. Overall, bulimic women consumed more calories in 24 hr (4446 +/- 584 kcal) than did controls (1845 +/- 649 kcal). Bulimic women consumed a wide range of caloric intake, with 44% overeating and 19% undereating in comparison to the range of controls. In addition, bulimics showed a disruption of circadian feeding patterns. For… CONTINUE READING