Feeding and risering of high-alloy steel castings

  title={Feeding and risering of high-alloy steel castings},
  author={Shouzhu Ou and K. Douglas Carlson and Christoph Beckermann},
  journal={Metallurgical and Materials Transactions B},
  • Shouzhu Ou, K. Douglas Carlson, Christoph Beckermann
  • Published 2005
  • Materials Science
  • A more accurate, less conservative set of feeding distance (FD) and riser sizing rules is developed for high-alloy steel castings produced from alloy grades CF-8M, CA-15, HH, HK, and HP. These rules are designed to produce radiographically sound castings at 2 pct sensitivity. By comparing results between plate casting trials and the corresponding simulations of those trials, a relationship is shown to exist between a local thermal parameter known as the Niyama criterion and ASTM shrinkage X-ray… CONTINUE READING

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