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Feeding Aggregation of Narrow Mouth Toad (Microhyla carolinensis olivacea)

  title={Feeding Aggregation of Narrow Mouth Toad (Microhyla carolinensis olivacea)},
  author={C. C. Carpenter},
  • C. C. Carpenter
  • Published 2015
  • Biology
  • On July 12, 19M, while watching 8 colony of redwings in a nearly dry marsh at Engln~rs Flats, apllroxlmately 200 feet from I.ake Texoma, 4 miles west of the University of Oklahoma Biological Station, Marshall County, Oklahoma, a large num~r of ftetin> ants was noticed at and near the base of a partially uprooted willow tree. This tree was at the edge ot a willow thi<'ket (trees 20 to 25 feet lligh) adjoining the nearly dry marsh. When this willow was moved slightly, a mil'rohylict was noticed… CONTINUE READING
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