Feedback of Superconductivity on the Magnetic Excitation Spectrum of UTe2

  title={Feedback of Superconductivity on the Magnetic Excitation Spectrum of UTe2},
  author={St{\'e}phane Raymond and William Knafo and Georg Knebel and Koji Kaneko and J.-P. Brison and Jacques Flouquet and Dai Aoki and G{\'e}rard Lapertot},
  journal={Journal of the Physical Society of Japan},
Japan 6Institute for Materials Research, Tohoku University, Ibaraki 311-1313, Japan We investigate the spin dynamics in the superconducting phase of UTe2 by triple-axis inelastic neutron scattering on a single crystal sample. At the wave-vector k1=(0, 0.57, 0), where the normal state antiferromagnetic correlations are peaked, a modification of the excitation spectrum is evidenced, on crossing the superconducting transition, with a reduction of the relaxation rate together with the development… Expand

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