Feedback alignment: effective and ineffective links between tutors’ and students’ understanding of coursework feedback

  title={Feedback alignment: effective and ineffective links between tutors’ and students’ understanding of coursework feedback},
  author={Paul Orsmond and Stephen P. Merry},
  journal={Assessment \& Evaluation in Higher Education},
  pages={125 - 136}
  • P. Orsmond, S. Merry
  • Published 1 March 2011
  • Psychology
  • Assessment & Evaluation in Higher Education
Tutors’ intentions when providing feedback may not be accurately perceived and acted on by students. In this study, 19 biological sciences students and six tutors were interviewed concerning the tutor’s intentions when providing specific feedback and the students’ perceptions and usage of that feedback. A phenomenological approach was used to analyse the interview data. Additionally, copies of the documented feedback were examined and the feedback style was classified. Student conceptions of… 
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