Feed-forward Artificial Neural Network based inference system applied in bioinformatics data-mining

  title={Feed-forward Artificial Neural Network based inference system applied in bioinformatics data-mining},
  author={Mauricio U. Leiva and T. Arredondo and Diego Candel and L. Dombrovskaia and Loreine Agull{\'o} and M. Seeger and F{\'e}lix V{\'a}squez},
  journal={2009 International Joint Conference on Neural Networks},
This paper describes a neural network based inference system developed as part of a bioinformatic application in order to help implement a systematic search scheme for the identification of genes which encode enzymes of metabolic pathways. The inference system uses BLAST sequence alignment values as inputs and generates a classification of the best candidates for inclusion in a metabolic pathway map. The system considers a workflow that allows the user to provide feedback with their final… Expand
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