FeatureIDE: A tool framework for feature-oriented software development


Tools support is crucial for the acceptance of a new programming language. However, providing such tool support is a huge investment that can usually not be provided for a research language. With FeatureIDE, we have built an IDE for AHEAD that integrates all phases of feature-oriented software development. To reuse this investment for other tools and languages, we refactored FeatureIDE into an open source framework that encapsulates the common ideas of feature-oriented software development and that can be reused and extended beyond AHEAD. Among others, we implemented extensions for FeatureC++ and FeatureHouse, but in general, FeatureIDE is open for everybody to showcase new research results and make them usable to a wide audience of students, researchers, and practitioners.

DOI: 10.1109/ICSE.2009.5070568

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