Feature extraction in NMR data analysis


Dissertation zur Erlangung des Grades eines D o k t o r s d e r N a t u r w i s s e n s c h a f t e n less than his constant support, his never-ending patience, and especially the exceptionally high degree of freedom he offered me during my time as a PhD-student were in my opinion excellent conditions for unbiased exploration and research. I also thank him for all the discussions and proof-readings of our papers. Sciences-ISAS for all of the interesting and sometimes eye-opening discussions we had in the past years. I really appreciated the highly motivating atmosphere and already begin to miss the working environment at the institute. Furthermore, I would also like to thank Dr. Jörg Lambert for many hours of very informative and interesting discussions, and of course for patiently answering all my questions regarding the principles and characteristics of Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Spec-troscopy. In addition, I also thank him together with Dr. Brendan Holland and Rafael Slodzinski for english-language proofreading of my thesis. Special thanks goes to Dr. Frank-Michael Schleif for the great support and the encouraging discussions about spectral data analysis and more in Jyväskylä, Finland, and also in Leipzig, Germany. I hope one day I will get the opportunity to return the favor. I am surely also thankful for all the interesting on-and off-topic discussions and moments I shared with my colleagues and friends: Chan & family (Danke (die Matrix in JAVA programmieren, ne?), Wolfgang (die gute Seele des LS1, schön Dich zu kennen!), Volker W.

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