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Feature Noise Induces Loss Discrepancy Across Groups

  title={Feature Noise Induces Loss Discrepancy Across Groups},
  author={Fereshte Khani and Percy Liang},
  booktitle={ICML 2020},
  • Fereshte Khani, Percy Liang
  • Published in ICML 2020
  • Physics, Computer Science, Mathematics
  • The performance of standard learning procedures has been observed to differ widely across groups. Recent studies usually attribute this loss discrepancy to an information deficiency for one group (e.g., one group has less data). In this work, we point to a more subtle source of loss discrepancy— feature noise. Our main result is that even when there is no information deficiency specific to one group (e.g., both groups have infinite data), adding the same amount of feature noise to all… CONTINUE READING

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