Feasibility study towards comparison of the g (2)(0) measurement in the visible range

  title={Feasibility study towards comparison of the g (2)(0) measurement in the visible range},
  author={Ekaterina Moreva and Paolo Traina and Robert A. Kirkwood and M. A. L'opez and Giorgio Brida and Marco Gramegna and Ivano Ruo-Berchera and Jacopo Forneris and Sviatoslav Ditalia Tchernij and Paolo Olivero and Christopher J. Chunnilall and Stefan Kuck and Marco Genovese and Ivo Pietro Degiovanni},
This work reports on the pilot study, performed by INRIM, NPL and PTB, on the measurement of the g^(2)(0) parameter in the visible spectral range of a test single-photon source based on a colour centre in diamond. The development of single-photon sources is of great interest to the metrology community as well as the burgeoning quantum technologies industry. Measurement of the g^(2)(0) parameter plays a vital role in characterising and understanding single-photon emission. This comparison has… Expand
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