Feasibility of Monolithic Covers for MSW Fills in Humid Climate

  title={Feasibility of Monolithic Covers for MSW Fills in Humid Climate},
  author={Josaf{\'a} Oliveira Filho and Maria Eug{\^e}nia Gimenez Boscov and Luiz Guilherme Francisco Soares de Mello and Roberta Arcoverde},
This paper presents the results of a study on the utilization of monolithic cov ers of local soils for municipal solid waste (MSW) fills in the State of Sao Paulo, Brazil, by means of simulations with a numerical code using unsaturated soil parameters and local climate data. Two sites were studied - Campinas and Ilha Solteira - located in regions with high demand for MSW disposal sites. A lateritic clay and a lateritic clayey sand were selected due to their availability in the regions. Water… CONTINUE READING


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