Feasibility assessment of a newly prepared cow-urine emulsified diesel fuel for CI engine application

  title={Feasibility assessment of a newly prepared cow-urine emulsified diesel fuel for CI engine application},
  author={Amit Jhalani and Dilip Sharma and Shyam Lal Soni and Pushpendra Kumar Sharma and Digambar Singh},
Abstract Apart from the various emission reduction strategies, a novel concept of cow-urine emulsification in diesel has been explored in this study. In India, cow urine is easily and readily available as gomutra distillate. It constitutes of around 95% water and exhibits the benefits of water emulsification to improve the brake thermal efficiency. Additionally, it consists of urea which works as a reducing agent and significantly cuts-down the NOx emissions. Sodium, magnesium, calcium and… 
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Effects of Water Ratio in Hydrous Ethanol on the Combustion and Emissions of a Hydrous Ethanol/Gasoline Combined Injection Engine under Different Excess Air Ratios
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Water inhibited combustion, prolonged CA 0-10 and CA 10-90, reduced Pmax and Tmax, and delayed APmax; larger λ made the deterioration on combustion more obvious, and the smaller λ had a larger tolerance to water; water could increase torque and improve emissions, but different parameters corresponded to different optimal Wrs.


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