Fear-conditioned cues of impending pain facilitate attentional engagement.

  title={Fear-conditioned cues of impending pain facilitate attentional engagement.},
  author={Stefaan van Damme and Juergen Lorenz and Christopher Eccleston and Ernst H. W. Koster and Armand de Clercq and Geert Crombez},
  journal={Neurophysiologie clinique = Clinical neurophysiology},
  volume={34 1},
AIMS OF STUDY Selective attention to signals of impending pain allows the avoidance of bodily harm. In order to identify the attentional components involved in the selection of pain signals over competing demands, we used an emotional modification of an exogenous cueing task. METHODS Fifty-two pain-free volunteers detected visual targets of which the location was correctly or incorrectly predicted by a spatial cue. Cues were emotionally modulated using differential classical conditioning. The… CONTINUE READING

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